Quartz tiles: Tao Bo innovation products, have you read yet?

 2015, Foshan ceramics Expo, is a Visual Feast of the outbreak of the ceramic product, ultra flat glazed, marble tiles popular new products. And some branded with "precision and beauty" personalized subdivision categories for types of Foshan ceramics Expo will add color.

      Porcelain tiles, simple style, become a shining point of ceramics industry trends this year

      Innovative products to help brand promotion

Quartz tiles are ceramic tiles, its most innovative features are: 0.1% of ultra-low water absorption rate and international PEI4-5 high wear-resistant qualities. These properties make quartz tiles in indoor and outdoor walls, ground engineering, decoration, such as applications, can provide more quality than stone, plain tile decoration materials.

It is understood that in 2009 in the world's first 2CM tile, on the road to the development of innovative products, and always adhere to the 2CM position of the tiles. To Europe for sales to the main market, satisfy the pursuit of quality in Europe and America, have been recognized by most of the partners. Last year, the concept integrated quartz tiles officially upgraded the brand name as "Quartz tiles", more innovative products for leading brand development strategy.

Differentiation and innovation, new concepts for Indoor Outdoor application

Difference is the nature of consumer demand as the axis, with their own advantages to build a set of selection criteria. Differences in the dimensions of innovation, not specifically the size and color, but Visual perception of the different levels. For tiles, and concept of, innovation can also be differentiated one.

In early 2015, quartz tiles introduced Indoor Outdoor "indoor/outdoor" concept as a whole, aroused great concern of international top designers. Continuation of 2CM quartz tile, the launch of the new products, most "2CM+1CM" of two thickness, 2CM thick quartz tiles for outdoor decorating, 1CM thick quartz tiles for indoor, designed to provide decorative space with "in and out" the whole style. "The degree of thickness, both inside and outside" is the unique quality features of this new series. Indoor Outdoor "inside and outside" the whole concept of, quartz tiles in "2CM+1CM" in product development, achieve differentiation and innovation, leading to another dimension for consumers to buy products, so as to set up their own selection criteria.

Difference image, store is the experience selection function

As we all know, store layout and design of the tile store, the main purpose is to highlight the product features, so that customers have a desire to buy. Today, most mainly prominent in tile stores to show selection functions rather than function. On one hand, limited in-store area the size of the hand, not the display function or display design resources.

New elite is personality, independent groups. Only show image differences, in order to attract their attention; at the end of April, the Grand opening of the new showroom, Italy design companies to plan, design. New Hall followed the international decorative trends of modern minimalist style, attention to display functions and user experience, the simulation of scenarios showing, including indoor & outdoor application, home improvement & tools applications application 2cm+1cm quartz tile layout planning, better interpretation of the "indoor/outdoor" overall concept, as well as experience design has done a very good model.

Redefining the relationship between tile and space applications, form a differentiated experience store image, seek to bring different experiences to the public, which is becoming a trend.

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