2015 United States exhibition see cellars

United States international exhibition of stone tiles (Coverings) is stone and tile professional international trade fair in the world, is the event buyers and dealers, is the bellwether of stone and tile. Main customer reception in North America, South America, Europe, Mexico, and Spain.

April 14, —17 day, quartz tiles debut United States exhibition (Coverings).   

This United States exhibition (Coverings) cement style of wood still prevailed, and all kinds of stripes stripes brick, rectangular tiles in a variety of creative tile display. Brings surprises both vision and antennae are, or will be 2015 products of the new wind direction.

      Is intended to deepen Europe's position in the market, to further expand the international market. In recent years, has been active in Spain Valencia exhibition, Italy Bologna exhibition, Dubai exhibition, Korea as well as the Canton fair, continuous deep global high-end markets.

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